What kind of wooden boxes are cutting form?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-27
There are three kinds of cutting forms wooden box. Currently widely used wooden packing box in the packaging industry, but also achieved significant results, but for the wooden packing box, cutting ok or not directly affects its beautiful degree, therefore is attention to cutting. Often have such kinds of cutting forms as follows: 1, split up and down directly: graphic design is more common form of wooden packing box, is the layout with divided into fluctuation two parts, one part of the configuration pictures, don't be part of the configuration scheme. Horizontal segmentation is relatively quiet, calm, slightly dull, so the arrangement of the images should be lively, rich move feeling. Pattern is part of the text should also be a little bit more, adjust the layout, it produces strong emotional color today. Around 2, deliberately division: division on the contrary, up and down with a vertical split wooden packing box for left and right two parts, give a person the sense with the sublime solemn. Due to the reasons on the vision, image appropriate configuration in the wooden box on the left, the right configuration of small pictures or solution. If both sides on the light and shade contrast, the effect is more obvious. 3, oblique segmentation: place the picture of the wooden packing box tilt or picture oblique segmentation, more lively than the split up and down, because the oblique line can produce emotion, for the wooden packing box tilt configuration, the effect will be more vivid.
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