When the tea gift box packaging color and design skill

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-11
Tea was born in nature, in nature, from the dew of heaven and earth, and to absorb the soul of the universe, is a kind of green drinks. To do so, the tea packaging production, also the tea of the 'green' temperament. Below, just share with you some tea packing box to make the use of color and design skills. The colour of the tea packing design color psychological impact on the customer has a very important role, Japanese scientists have found that people of color attention is far greater than for attention. 'far see color, almost see flowers' vividly illustrates the color has a compelling, chord and the important role of attracting customers. People of color have subjective feelings and objective relationship, different consumers with different color often cause different associations. On tea packing design color, in addition to want to consider the variety of goods, the scale, applicable occasions, consider the custom and habit of consumers. Tea varieties in accordance with the different tawny currently on the market can be divided into green tea, black tea, yellow tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea and so on different varieties, we should according to different tea varieties using different colour. Drink black tea shang segong is clear, for example, the entry and, relaxed and persistent, finish our thick, taste of sweet, we should choose warm color to move, let a person a sense of strong, taste thick; Green tea green color, strong spiciness, have 'shape beauty, color green, aromas, green' four unique. We should choose such a cool color attune such as green, blue, make the person has a clear fresh cool feeling; White tea has the following characteristics is covered, tang apricot yellow, tea fragrant flavor, elegant taste, so light, appropriate chooses a soft tone. The use of tea packaging design pattern design can make the goods more image, vivid and interesting. Combination the designer should make full use of visual graphics make consumers produce abundant psychological associations, affects the feelings of consumers and stimulate consumers to buy. Tea is a national commodity, we can use some, such as Chinese painting, decoration pattern, auspicious patterns, these folk paper-cut, ethnic minorities have strong national culture of traditional pattern is to represent the traditional tea, but you can't just stay in copy and copy some traditional pattern, and the traditional art in China should be an in love, implicit and exquisite aesthetic characteristics of national culture spirit is blended in among them. For example, we can be the traditional culture symbol using the modern design methods such as simplified, hyperbole, contrast technique such as penetration, diffusion, break up, make it with national characteristics at the same time does not lose contemporary sense, coruscate gives more charming elegant demeanour, is the traditional Chinese culture with modern design methods to infiltrate the tea packing design, make it implicitly. The tea gift box, SQS
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