Why do you like using folding box

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-14
Folding box is one of the most common style box, it widely loved by clients, application scope is widespread, folding boxes that are everywhere in our daily life. Why are you so like to use folding box? Using folding box has the following advantages: 1, to facilitate sales and display of folding box itself with different attitude, such as open a window, portable, a display, such as style, show with consumers, the convenience of our customers choose and use. 2, easy to store and transport went into a state of folding cartons, save the warehouse space, land area and shipping space. 3, folding box to protect goods not only make the fragile afraid of touching objects in the box have the effect of fixed commodity, protect the goods, in addition when packing food, can use sealing method of sterilization, to protect food from corrosion and pollution. 4, easy processing through a row of knives, cutting rolling, folding, bonding method, such as simple and easy to board processed into the required containers of various shapes. 5, suitable for automatic packaging for folding box structure is simple, suitable for automatic mechanical equipment on the filling and sealing. 6, suitable for all kinds of not only suitable for gravure printing folding box surface, letterpress, offset printing, you can also use all sorts of style of design, text decoration. 7, cheap to use paper material processing all kinds of packing is much cheaper than using materials such as metals, plastics, glass. Folding box now realize full automation production, realize the good and not expensive. So everyone likes to use folding cartons.
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