Why made out of cedar wood cigar box is better than other materials?

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-12
Cigar is a living thing, in a certain temperature and humidity is needed to ensure a quality is good quality, exquisite craftsmanship cigar humidors for cigar is like a colorful and practical identity noble gentleman clothes, riding a horse horse essential DiaoAn as important. Cigar humidors main purpose lies in storage and transportation and cigar receive damage and save the cigar avoid cigars, to keep the certain moisture to ventilation mouldproof again at the same time. A good cigar humidors can give a comfortable & other cigar Survival & throughout; Environment for cigars to keep fresh for a long time. Cigar Chen mature will produce a large amount of ammonia in the process, if the storage from other material in the container, the smell of ammonia would destroy the cigar smells good, it is hard to accept, and cedar wood into a cigar humidors can be air exchange in sealed condition and the outside world, so the aging process of ammonia can be excluded outside the box at any time, cigar smells good won't hurt.
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