Why red wine packaging?

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-04
Packaging as a first step, stable and simple two word contains wine content: upscale packaging such as temperature, humidity, shock, smooth and quiet. If it is the four seasons in a 10 to 16 degrees, natural places there is nothing wrong with, sand ground with water, or the wall column display, sample selection method. Otherwise, electronic wine or enthusiasts to consider necessary devices, today's wine can do each layer of varying temperature, convenient placement of different wines, white wines such as low as 8 degrees, 13 degrees of red wine, wine to create a perfect rest space, it will also with great charm and taste to repay them. Like wine in the refrigerator to rest? It is injustice. If it is a long-term preservation, can not in consideration of the scope of freezer, voltage is not stable, and the door will have lights, three to the possibility that there are always changing. Packing the second step, pose numerous data tells us that the wine in the wine packaging to keep it upright, tilt, inverted posture. Actually flat position is simple and decent, each one. On wine always keep contact with cork stopper moisture and elasticity, air forever in the side. Packaging the third step, darkroom bottle body is dark, is less sunlight or light as much as possible in order to contact, lest produce oxidation, this is similar to essential oils, the bottle is brunet likewise, if you have to with light color bottles, but the price factor, certainly not considered buying objects, not professional bottle how can the essence of the red wine red wine box?
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