Why should the wooden gift box after hot stamping

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-08
Now the status of wooden gift box is more and more important, in many cases, wooden gift boxes and even more important than the gift, also because of this, appearance is very important for wooden gift boxes, with the development of technology, wooden gift box after hot stamping is becoming more and more people love, wooden gift box manufacturers today is to introduce the wooden gift boxes of hot stamping: 1, the common hot stamping process is divided into round flat hot stamping press flat hot stamping peace, advantage is that can be used for large-area hot stamping, hot stamping base material widely, hot stamping precision is higher. 2, concave and convex stamping refers to the use of modern technology to produce carving up and down with female die and male die, stamping process and pressure bump process at one time, so as to improve the production efficiency. 3, cold seal is by using the method of printing adhesive transfer metal foil. Cold has the advantage of printing process of low cost, high production efficiency, is more promising. With the improvement of living standards, greater demand for wooden gift box, in order to meet the demand of you want to, wooden gift box through continuous innovation developed hot stamping was unanimously praised the wooden gift boxes, after stamping of wooden gift box is everyone's choice. Small make up: SQS
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