Why tea packaging choice for iron boxes

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-09
So-called tin box, just as its name implies, is to use tin make tea boxes. Tin and tin is on the surface of the iron cross, in order to protect. Compared with other materials, tin box is used more widely, such as biscuits packaging tin box, tin box gift tin box, wine, and so on. Because in addition to the diversity of tin box surface printing, and has good iuster, more beautiful. People like to use tin box packaging, but also because of tin box compatible with good strength, suitable for preservation. In recent years, with the change of people consumption demand and consumption level and improve, not just for tea, even the requirement for the tea packing also changed a lot. From wooden box, plastic box to tin box, all kinds of packaging, including tin box but also became the choice of tea packaging. Packed in iron boxes: what benefits do the tea? Then have gift box manufacturers to give you a brief introduction: 1. Tin box is not pervious to light is easy to cause deterioration of tea reaction and the change of food quality, especially green tea, one is apt to deteriorate in the light. And tin box is not pervious to light makes tea have higher survival rate, in addition to being able to make the tea to keep the original, even will not change color. 2. The seal of the tin box good tea afraid exposed to the air oxidation, so the first key storage tea was sealed. And low iron boxes of oxygen transmittance, the air with good barrier property, can better protect the tea. 3. Tea tin box will of tin in the reduction of iron boxes and filling oxygen remaining in a container, this is the reduction of the metal. Reduction of tin can reduce the chance of nutrition of tea oxidation, make tea extended storage period. Tin box can be completely isolated from the influence of environmental factors, to avoid the tea for qualitative light, oxygen, moisture, also will not make the fragrance of the tea become weak because of the overflow or by other odor pollution stale. Perhaps because of the characteristics of these superior to other packaging material makes tin box popular tea packaging options. Small make up: SQS
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