Wine box design and printing

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-20
But common in higher grade of some famous brand of wine packaging. According to its natural and cultural temperament. The wine packaging design and the harmony of wine culture. And gold is commonly used in liquor packaging ( The silver) Different card as substrates, wine box is less with gold ( The silver) Paper designed for material, but its noble temperament is better. The use of color in packaging design is quite important. The colour of the wine box see more deep color printing yellow or white and gold ( The silver) Coloring is little and not drab, and not mixed and disorderly. Very brand characteristics. Wine wooden box printing mainly use sheet-fed offset printing or flexible printing, together with all kinds of complicated post-press processing technology to meet customer quality requirements. Some print runs (particularly large For example, millions of) On the one hand, is a good way to meet all kinds of paper, cardboard, corrugated board printing requirements, at the same time, also ensure the green environmental protection; The surface is suitable for the cardboard and the corrugated cardboard printing substantially high degree of automation in the printing of the offset printing presses in the wine box plays a big role. For example, in wine box printing often adopt hot stamping concave and convex die cutting, grinding, pressure, etc. We will continually found in wine box new luster. In the tradition of culture in one hundred wine packaging printing with the new technology, new material synchronous development. Try to make wine this mining inherits the essence of culture in one hundred, the ancient tradition of the wine culture and the modern culture period flavor combination. Let the wine culture in the new era of sending a new culture and new vitality. Wine culture spread one thousand years of human civilization, releasing a new light.
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