Winter jewelry boxes maintain little common sense

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-12
Winter is a dry season, we will find that your skin will become very dry, then we will certainly to maintain their own skin, apply the mask, a lot of water, such as our skin need maintenance or will only get better, the house has a wooden jewelry boxes if your friends are worried about jewelry boxes crack problem, that in the dry winter, how to correct maintenance jewelry boxes? In the dry winter, for which of wooden furniture accessories is a big challenge, because the wooden jewelry box need a wet environment, that have a lot of friends will ask can directly under the sun isn't wrong, small make up very affirmative answer everybody here, this is wrong, in order to avoid local weather-shack, buckling, deformation, and even appear the phenomenon of partial qualitative change, small make up recommend is not in near the radiator, while avoiding a long time for its global or local sunlight. The correct approach is: put the position best avoid sun exposure, or use the translucent gauze curtain separated from direct sunlight. A lot of friends will think so not in the sun, then I can in a damp place? That how to correct maintenance, the small make up here to share some winter jewelry boxes maintain little common sense. Spot jewelry box 1, appropriate in fish farming, indoor flowers it is also can adjust air humidity. Why can't say where in the wet, because wood in wet easy to expand, in the long run will occur deformation, the phenomenon such as decay. 2, use oils to wipe furniture. Through professional furniture care essential oil to keep it moist. Furniture oils contain easily absorbed by the wood fiber natural orange oil, which can effectively lock the moisture in wood deformation, prevent weather-shack nourish wood at the same time, from the inside out to make wooden replay, prolong the service life of furniture. Summary, the above is the small make up to share the winter of jewelry boxes and maintenance of a little common sense, to see the end of this article will hope to have some help to users, and after that we in addition to these little common sense, we can also for your jewelry box proper wax, preferably once a quarter, what is the function of wax, it will make jewelry box look about the jersey, the most important thing is not accounted for dust, let's clean work more convenient.
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