Wood products processing plant timber is introduced

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-09
Wood products processing factory wood introduced lumber is secondary growth of plants, such as trees and shrubs, lignification which is formed by the organization. These plants at the end of the primary growth, root activity of vascular cambium began, on display to the outgoing bast, inward development out of the wood. Wood is the development of the vascular cambium within the plant tissue collectively, including xylem and thin-wall radiation. Lumber support plays a big role for human life. According to the different properties of wood characteristics, people will they are used in different ways. Lumber grades of wood processing factory construction timber, logs, usually in the plate, fang material supply three kinds of profiles. Log refers to branch, according to specifications after peeling processed into a certain length of the wood; Plank is refers to the width to thickness of three times or more than three times of profile; While fang material for width less than three times the thickness of the material. According to the standard, wood products processing plant according to the defects of wood case to hierarchy, all kinds of merchandise wood is usually divided into one, two, three, four etc. Structure and decorative wood generally chooses high grade lumber. For bearing structure with wood, and according to & lt; Wood structure design specification & gt; ( gbj5— 88). Regulations, in accordance with the requirements for the stress of the bearing structure to grading of lumber, namely I, ii, iii are the three levels, the design should be selected according to the stress of the component types appropriate levels of wood. The selection of bearing wooden plank, for instance, according to the load characteristics, general grade I of material used for the tensile and flexural member; Class ii material used for bending or the bending component; Level iii for compression member and 1 secondary flexural members. Wood application in structure engineering is one of the traditional building materials, wood in ancient and modern buildings have been widely used. On the structure, wood is mainly used to frame and roof, such as beam, column, rafter, sheathing, stone, etc. Many buildings are wood in our country, they in architectural technology and art have a high level, and has its unique style. In addition, wood in construction engineering is commonly used as a concrete template and wood, etc. 2. Wood in the decoration engineering application at home and abroad, the wood has been widely used in building interior decoration and decoration, it give a person with the enjoyment of natural beauty, still can make indoor space to produce warmth and kindness. In ancient architecture, wood is used as a fine wood of important material that decorate, it is a high technological requirements of art deco.
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