Wood wine packaging is easy to carry, low cost

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-26
There are all kinds of wine, and liquor used in the bottle is very much also, take the bottle of wine, usually green or brown, is in order to reduce the effects of sunlight on the wine, we will continue to improve the external box, to prevent the occurrence of metamorphism under some natural factor, light brown bottle packaging is also becomes more and more get the welcome of people, to the people to buy. Foreign bottle lane have brown, green, white & quot; Colors, basically is used for holding white wine, only production accounted for about 20% of the red wine in bordeaux bottle costumes, but other countries continue to use the green bottle holding red wine, white white wine in bottle array. Use oak barrels or clay POTS before: when the wine or on a wooden barrel or clay pot. Sheng in is mainly used in oak barrels aging at first, but with the development of the consumer demand change, appear the whole barrel of wine sales. Packaging the whole bucket of sales is more suitable for wine, customized marketing. Wooden box the use of special solid wood packing material, such as single and double wine box, with a convenient consumption, easy to carry, the characteristics of low cost, in addition, because of the special material of high-grade packaging can effectively prevent the oxidation of wine.
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