Wooden box and label the red box how to identify

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-19
Wooden materials used in a lot of, of which the density board wood skin and paster all very common, but class is completely different. Stick the box the rich natural wood texture, beautiful and durable, but the price is relatively high, and stickers wooden box is easy to wear, so the collision, but the price is low, belong to the popularization of products. Some level is not high, wooden box is general quality requirements is given priority to with stickers. Patronage packaging company, the salesman will look to introduce such as & other; The red box & throughout; &ldquo仍然; Cherry wooden box & throughout; &ldquo仍然; Ju wood box & throughout; Of time, to figure out what is real wood, wood veneer or stickers, it is critical. Solid wood can be called & other; The wooden box & throughout; , stick wood may be called & other; Stick wood box & throughout; , but the stickers can only call & other; The red box & throughout; , otherwise it belong to the sham as the genuine. Solid wood, wood ray, If there is usually characterized by & other; The pores & throughout; ) Clearly visible and should have some natural defects (more or less Spot of knag, wood, black line, etc. ) 。 The same piece of wood, wood board or wood, its two interface grain should be able to clearly see longitudinal section and cross section of natural cohesion. Wood veneer wood, wood ray is clear. Should have the same natural flaws. Because of a certain thickness (wood. 0. 5 mm or so) Making a wooden box, meet two phase interface, usually do not turn, but each piece, so two interface grain was usually should not be. Sticker wood, wood ray is clearly visible, even advanced import paper, even the wood defects can also be fake, but still with natural wood veneer, appear more false. Sticker box tact easily in the corners. Other wood grain paper due to the thickness is small ( 0. 08mm) In two planar junction will directly pack in the past, with the grain of the two interface is ( Is usually a longitudinal section) 。
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