Wooden box can embody the cultural characteristic of packaging products

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-02
The colour. After a series of careful selection and collocation, make the packaging of the product has the effect of the horror of the right, the color is cannot be ignored for product sales role in promoting, colour is largely affect people's psychological, both roca color type personality and color psychology, used in the packaging, to the appearance of the product and the consumer has played a big role, a colour collocation can build a kind of style of packing. In addition to the above three points, exquisite gift box packaging design also need to use some of the unique material, some material with unique appearance, look, for example, in addition to the corrugated paper box, and bamboo, leaf, and the metallic sequins on the packaging, is one of the best modification on packing gift box. From the exquisite gift box packaging design, show the product unique characteristics, so as to make packaging products more market.
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