Wooden box custom-made characteristics and performance

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-13
Wooden box custom-made characteristics and performance of wooden box generally is used for red wine gift box, choose high-grade wooden packing box side can reflect the value of red wine, elegant modelling, and cooperate with red wine unique modelling, wine packaging appearance, often give a person a kind of special sense. Especially can ornament on some modifications and creative businesses. Then we common wooden box custom-made characteristics and performance will be what? 1, with the quality of the wine on modelling, virtually improve the grade of the wine. 2, wooden packing box customized materials, the properties of red wine gift boxes to withstand a certain degree of foreign combat, very good protection of red wine. Red wine packaging materials has good processing performance, both in material shaping and composition has a very good control process, on the control of working procedure is not complicated, reduced the processing cost of the material. Wooden packing box and good bearing performance, very of environmental protection, when not in use can be recycling of packaging, product material belongs to the biodegradable material, will not have any impact environment. Packing box and good cost, both in material selection and processing cost is especially low, no any impact on product sales. But because the manufacturer of wooden packing box to customize a lot in the market, size of each have different, want to have a stable product guarantee, must choose experienced manufacturers.
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