Wooden box design according to

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
The design techniques of wooden box packaging patterns require simple lines and vivid personality. With reasonable colors

Consumers are deeply impressed. The packaging pattern techniques are painterly and realistic, such as various styles of line drawing realistic performance;

Pen sketch. Line drawing, light color and various styles of points will be realistically expressed., Black and white painting is realistically expressed. Super realistic and delicate painting. Simple

Printing technique, paper scraping method, etc.

The meaning of the graphic of the painted wooden box and its contents are related, and the age, gender, and education level of the object used

Associated decorative craftsmanship in various forms of craft line drawing performance. Dot composition painting method, black and white pattern painting, flat color

Line method, paper cutting and paper cutting, spray repair, simple darkroom techniques. Technical and practical design to describe the effective current technique method structure

Composition, section view. Analytical drawing. All kinds of wooden box packaging drawings are made of rich imagination. In-depth understanding of the packaged materials. Collect related materials

The basic conditions such as the appearance of the material and the packaging pattern method and the feeling. Decisive factor

Wooden box manufacturers have related packaging graphics between the design of the wooden box packaging pattern and the packaging content, which can be summarized as concrete graphics

The semi-universal Tian-shaped abstract shape god, its packaging content is closely related to each other. Only in this way can it fully convey the product's serviceability. No capsule

It has no meaning. In the case of a ship, the product is more important than life, such as medicines and beverages.

Elephant graphics: The products mostly use abstract or imagery graphics than those taught in psychology. The age of the packaging field is different from the age of the object of use,

Teached I associative packaging graphics make associative. Changing age: when the product is under the age of the package design.

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