Wooden box of wood of mildew

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-07
Wood mould can make the surface of the wood and sapwood pale, but some mold color range is more shallow, its color is produced by non-ferrous spores. Because of the mold spores only in reproductive growth on the surface of the wood, so the wood is only moldy wood surface or near surface shallow layer. Mould make wood green, white, black, occasionally in other colors. Mold discoloration caused by the often show flocculent or punctate. In warm and humid climate, or in a poorly ventilated environment, easy to make the deposit on the surface of the wood, mould spore reproduction and mildew. Cause wood mildew fungus trichoderma viride, penicillium, aspergillus, hairy mould, etc. Trichoderma viride fungi in the main is green trichoderma viride, green wood surface by the fungus infection. Penicillium and aspergillus is a lot of more phyletic, sheng common such as aspergillus Niger, wood after infected with this mold, the surface in black spots, sometimes even slices. Mold adaptability to environment and the base content and endurance than random variable bacteria and decay bacteria, mold to the chemical drug resistance is very strong, even with some toxic chemicals contact can still grow, so in some anticorrosive processed materials can still be found on the mildew. As a result of wood mould just make wood surface color, and the color range is shallow and therefore can use the brush to remove, also can use plane surface layer method to clear. To promote the change of the generated.
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