Wooden box packaging

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
In addition to the appearance of the box itself, the wooden packaging box is very important for what you want to use the box for. If you want to put some porcelain and tea sets, these are more fragile and precious things. In order to protect these porcelains, the bottom lining needs to be used as a fixed slot. The surface can be wrapped with silk cloth and fixed with elastic bands. For more high-end effects, you can choose a similar color plush or long cotton fleece. Let itself match the interior harmoniously, warmly and elegantly. To keep a low profile, you can choose a simple and cost-free approach. You can choose pearl cotton, sponge or EVA for the bottom lining where the slot is made, and you can use flannel on the surface. Exposing EVA in the slot is a cost-saving effect. And we can use the slotted piece as an activity, so that we can throw it away after using it, leaving the side and bottom flannel attached to the wooden box is also a very complete wooden box, not to lose the grade Yeah! In order to better protect the lid of the appliance box, a sponge-wrapped flannel can be used to prevent damage to the appliance when the lid is closed.
Wooden boxes are packed with precious metals. Choose more assured. The wooden box itself is made of tough and powerful material and has better external protection. The lining method of the wooden box of gold and silver coins is also very particular: Generally, the slot is determined and clamped according to the size of the accessory. One similarity is to make a step to facilitate the removal of items. There are two specific methods: one is that the steps in the slot and the inner circumference of the slot are very compliant, which looks more textured and high-end. Another cost-saving approach is to expose EVA around the slot. Another point is that no matter which box it is, the size of the interior and the level of texture also affect the overall appearance of the box to a certain extent.

The definition of the beauty of the wooden box varies for different angles of appreciation. A woman’s hand is the second face that judges a person by appearance, but some people say that beauty depends on the thigh. What about the wooden packaging boxes we produce? What kind of packaging do you think is what you like, and what kind of decoration is flawless! The interior approach is also very particular!
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