Wooden box packaging and not on what is the difference?

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-20
Over time and climate change and send out the aroma of wood, especially lobular red sandalwood, chrysanthemum pear, these two kinds of rare wood, Camphor wood timber) is one of the built-in fragrance , send out the wood aroma to the human body is very good, has certain health care function. Currently the wooden box factory basic are painted wooden box packaging, wooden packaging choice paint delivery is aimed to the problem of a beautiful. After returning the lacquer on the wooden box packaging, the entire box looks very full, rich luster conforms to now the public's taste, in addition to this, after returning the lacquer on the wooden box packaging on the box itself plays a protective role. In the south, because the climate is wet, in order to moistureproof, a lot of wooden surface basically all spray a thin layer of varnish. Wooden box, such as a layer of paint on the inside and outside, can make the wooden box packaging protected inside and out. In addition, the packing should be so operation, other wooden box factory are also in the wooden box
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