Wooden box packaging box application function

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
The wooden box packaging design system goes from the production field of the box itself to the final entry with the product.
Enter the consumer field, during which there are many different subsystems. Wooden box packaging for adaptation
The different needs of each subsystem must have a variety of accommodating functions.

From an overall point of view, the main functions of wooden packaging boxes have the following three aspects: 1. Protection function
Enable: This is the main function of the packaging box, including preventing vibration and shock; waterproof and moisture-proof;
Anti-radiation, erosion and anti-theft functions. 2. Convenient functions; for production, manufacturing, storage,
In the circulation process of transportation, sales, etc., provide convenience to meet the needs of people’s physical and psychological aspects.
Lee. 3. Transfer function: transfer commodity economic information, attribute information, quality information, reputation letter
Transmission of information such as information and start sign added value.

The three main functions of the above-mentioned wooden packaging box are both interrelated and restrict each other. Different products
The requirements for the packaging function of wooden boxes have different emphasis. The design of wooden boxes must be based on the requirements of various commodities.
Specific requirements for scientific and reasonable optimization of support selection. Wooden box design principles and aesthetic characteristics
The main content or scope of the design is the sales packaging of the product, which is improving the value of the product and competing
Capacity plays an extremely important role in expanding the market and increasing sales. With the commodity economy The development of
, the production of wooden boxes has evolved from the original commodity attachments to the same value as the commodity
Meaning is sometimes even more important than commodities.
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