Wooden box packaging choose practical in imitation of a real wood material

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-10
Wooden box packaging raw material with pure real wood with imitation solid wood, Decorating fiberboard framed in wood grain paper/solid mumupi/wood science and technology) , and choose pure real wood do wooden box packaging is part of because pure real wood production cost is relatively higher, the construction period will be longer, wooden box packaging details of whole control degree is more difficult, so there are imitation solid wood material choice, imitation solid wood do wooden box packaging actually not is far worse than the grade of the pure solid wood, from the practical point of view, selection of wooden box packaging is imitation solid wood do have many advantages such as: 1, cost affordable than pure real wood, 2, wooden box packaging details the whole process are better than pure real wood handle, 3 wooden box packaging, imitation solid wood material do even in very cold regions, also won't open material deformation, and pure real wood material of wooden box packaging size slightly on 30 nm, how many will be out of shape or craze, because pure real wood even with complete drying material will, with a little water in the water to very cold regions, will be the air pump, dry and cracking will occur. So before choosing wooden box packaging, want to consider clear above points, if size is large, wooden box packaging to those areas and so on
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