Wooden box packaging design

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-25
When you're in a store or looking for wide variety of goods, your eyes rest on every product of time is very short, so the packing design is intuitive, clear, this does not mean that it fancy or simple, but it is clear, have informed customers for the purpose. Packaging design is the design of the competition of modern commodity packaging design competition to occupy more and each other, strive for more customers for the target. Successful packaging design needs to fully and research, should not only study the competitors' products, but also to research the product exhibition and sales, including product marketing way, ambient lighting conditions, product storage, transportation and security, and so on and so forth. Packaging design is graphic design graphic packaging design of the basic skills & ndash; The use of colour and design, wooden packing box right balance and proportion, and the choice of materials and decoration will be in the packaging design. But is stereo, packaging design can be applied to all kinds of packaging, boxes, cans, glass bottles as well as the plane, so it also need other specific skills, such as: how the glass and metal surface and a plane or on the surface of the elastic design, understanding of plastic, paper card and other materials in order to obtain good effect of packaging design, etc. Due to the packaging design are mostly used for medium and long term production, so designers strive to make every design is economical and practical. Packaging design is the design of customer requirements; To carry out a design often is in a variety of reasons, sometimes is to launch a new product, but in most cases the update, because the original ones and the modification of the packing, but whatever the motivation, fully understand the needs of customers is necessary. If it is a new products, its target market? If is the product upgrades, what advantage on original packaging design can be inherited? If to redesign products, he is to develop a new market or to reverse an increasingly decline in sales? What are the advantages and disadvantages in the current design? In a word, for customers to understand more fully, the design of the final effect is better. Keywords: wooden box
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