Wooden box production process introduction

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
In order to be in a competitive position in the market, wooden box packaging companies continue to highlight their brand image through innovative designs, the use of new materials and the application of special decorative methods, creating visual beauty and enhancing product value, so that they can stand out from the shelves. , Become the first choice of consumers.

Wooden packaging technology mainly includes lamination, stickers, piano paint, engraving, gold polishing, branding, silk screen printing, metal patch and so on. On the basis of the original wooden box, adding these crafts can attract eyeballs and increase the attached value. However, in the attractive market of wooden boxes, various value-added techniques are used to make every element perfectly displayed.

1. Pasting process

Paste a layer of leather material on the surface of the wooden box to give the wooden box classic elements to highlight the high-end and nobleness of the product. This process is more suitable for the packaging of some high-end wine boxes and jewelry boxes.

2. Sticker process

The sticker process is the most commonly used surface finishing process for wooden boxes. It can be divided into machine stickers and manual stickers according to the processing method. Wood-grain paper is a new type of decorative material made of high-molecular polymer (PVC) as raw material, adding various additives, through pressing, compounding, and wood-grain printing. Its characteristic is that the wood grain is lifelike, and it can imitate the wood grain of natural plants to achieve the effect of 'fake the real'. Its fine workmanship surface effect attracts consumers' attention very much. Its appearance has found a very promising direction for the development of wooden boxes, and has greatly improved the added value of sticker wooden boxes, and brought considerable value-added profits to the enterprise.

3. Piano paint process

Piano paint process is a kind of baking paint process. Compared with ordinary high-gloss spray paint, piano paint has two essential differences: First: piano paint has a thick primer layer and a sophisticated finish. The surface is crystal clear and bright, with strong penetrating power. Second: The surface layer of piano lacquer is relatively brittle, so be careful to protect it. Due to this difference, the brightness, compactness, and stability of piano lacquer are much higher than those of other lacquers. The surface layer of the piano lacquer is still as bright as new after decades, while the ordinary brightness spray paint has long been oxidized and penetrated.

4. Carving process

Using laser engraving technology to finish the surface of the wooden box, with delicate engraving as the form of expression, the packaging box has a simple and elegant image.

5. Gold polishing process

The process of coloring the surface of wooden boxes, especially carved wooden boxes, by rubbing gold. It has the characteristics of fast speed, low cost and good effect. It can produce very ideal decorative effects regardless of the thickness of the picture and the size of the area. In particular, the gold powder colors used for gold polishing are colorful, commonly used are gold, silver, black, and special colors that can be customized. The use of polishing powder to create a luxurious and elegant visual effect, so that the surface has a three-dimensional feeling, thereby attracting consumers' attention.

6. Branding process

Imprinting process, the traditional process method, that is, using electric soldering irons of different sizes or heating bronzing templates, bronzing patterns and text on the surface of the wooden box. With the development of science and technology, today, advanced branding machines are used to directly heat the bronzing mold to brand various patterns and characters. Branding can not only create eye-catching brand value from visual effects, but also technically create differences in grades and enhance product value.

7. Silk screen printing process

The process of printing exquisite pictures and texts on the surface of the wooden box through the silk screen process. The silk screen ink has a thick layer, strong covering power and rich texture.

8, metal patch

The craft of inlaying signs on wooden boxes is currently the most luxurious and high-end decorative sign in the world. The general thickness of the sign is 0.03-0.2MM, and it is mainly made of metal copper, 24K gold, imported 3M glue and other materials. The application of metal patches can help improve product beauty and product quality, and is of great significance to opening up the market and increasing brand awareness.
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