Wooden box should be paid attention in the design of the 'seven big link'

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-25
Now some wooden packing box in the design, need extra attention. Not just for the sake of their appearance, but also reflects the value of the goods, so you need to pay attention to what details? The following let hangzhou wooden box factory tell you. 1, wooden packaging design should be detailed and clear the purpose of the design object, applicable scope and the relevant laws and regulations and other relevant situation, and understand the spirit of the functional requirements under the premise. 2, the design must fully consider the feasibility of its implementation, on the application form, materials and production conditions to take the corresponding design method. 3, design should conform to the function object directly accept ability, aesthetic consciousness, social psychology and taboos. 4, must be careful scrutiny, and strive to profound and ingenious, novel and unique, expression and accurate, and can withstand the test of time. 5, the composition is concise, beautiful, conformal. 6, graphics, symbols are succinct, generalization, and exquisite artistry. 7, the appearance design color to pure, strong, smart, can improve the image of the wooden packing box appearance. The above & other; The seven link & throughout; Is the time when the wood packaging designers in the design of wood packing box, noticed that some of the details of you need.
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