Wooden color box packaging for a wristwatch human cognition will directly influence its intuitive to colour

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-06
Watch box packaging color human cognition will directly influence its intuitive to colour, colour of the visual impact and shock is undeniable fact that people with strong visual impact effect of the reasonable use of color, can reproduce the appearance of things, and convey things within the cultural and emotional content, in view of the different feelings experience, different colors can give people different visual stimulation, and also can produce different emotional experience. Different regional, ethnic, religious beliefs, cultural background have different emotional expression for color, watches boxes, packaging design should make full use of color and mining of the emotional factors, in-depth analysis of the packaging design of different colour and style, to better manage to colorific using ability, the use of color gives a person visual impact, directly into the watch box packaging culture essence and value characteristics of itself. As one of the important element of commodity packaging design, colour is not just only to beautify the packing design, make the goods of similar goods in the market of many stand out, it also can effectively guide the consumers' attention, strengthening consumer people impression of the brand, in the commodity information dissemination and branding plays an important role. Tea packaging design should pay attention to the shaping of integral style, want to use and watch brand culture corresponds to the color to express, through reasonable use of color to dig out the aesthetic value and cultural content of the brand, under the scientific, reasonable, innovative design, realize the watch brand packaging color personalized expression. Watch box packaging text is the indispensable one part in commodity packaging, different formative text design can convey different visual effects and cultural effects, in the beautiful world of words, words gives a watch box packing with new and different styles of visual effect, the traditional Chinese art has a variety of different ways of expression, some sticking out of the firm in the soft characteristics, some express the state of thin elegant, sometimes the charm of the show shes beautiful smooth, sometimes is dignified, founder, watches boxes, packaging design should derive the essence from traditional Chinese calligraphy, to the cultural essence of Chinese traditional calligraphy art into a watch box packaging, in different calligraphy font model a different watch brand packaging, in the splendid glyph line change, show the muddy Chinese traditional culture as a whole, give a person the sense with mean infinite profound, mutual penetration and mutual set off of aesthetic experience.
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