Wooden crafts because of the particularity of its material and using properties

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-04
Wooden crafts because of the particularity of its materials and the use of attribute, general rarely craze, not afraid of water, but this does not mean that maintain a wooden crafts in bao wood products can be arbitrary to wooden crafts on water jet cleaning, should try to gently with wet cloth to wipe for good! In general, because the value of real wood furniture is more expensive, so the maintenance of solid wood furniture than to maintain normal material furniture is more complicated, for wooden crafts, specific maintenance method has the following six: 1, pay attention to the maintenance on the surface of wooden crafts, now generally the surface of the furniture will be coated with paint as a layer of protective film, so if you want to protect the wooden crafts, protect the layer of paint film is the first job. Every day with dry soft cotton cloth to wipe gently, a period of time and with dry wet cloth clean, finally can also be coated with a thin layer of wax. 2, avoid direct sunlight, the maintenance method is not for wooden crafts, it is used for all the furniture. Because of long time of sunlight to make furniture water sucked dry and cracking, so remember to pay attention to the details when put or install furniture. 3, avoid using chemical solvent in addition to stains, the use of wooden crafts because of its special properties, easy generation stain. If there is a stain surface of wooden crafts, avoid by all means is tried hard to clean, or for convenience, sprinkle chemicals directly, one will rub off. But this is not only barked his light wax also damaged the furniture. 4, avoid damp, summer indoor easily flood tide, especially the place in the kitchen. This time we can use a thin plastic wooden crafts and separated from the ground. 5, avoid being hard objects scratch, and some details are, when you are in the cleaning or take put things, must be careful, don't let the hard metal products scratch wooden crafts. 6, away from heat source, in the cold winter, especially the people in the north, will have to keep warm. But in a group of warm, as far as possible will be away from heating wooden crafts 1 meter, in order to make wooden crafts to avoid long time baking, so that the timber desiccation, the deformation and paint film regional metamorphism. In addition, wooden crafts and furniture, suitable for wet, avoid is dry, so the wooden crafts particularly unfavorable by exposure, avoid by all means is that air conditioning blows to the furniture, spring, autumn and winter season three will maintain indoor air is not dry, appropriate USES spray humidifier wet, indoor fish farming, flowers can also adjust the indoor air humidity. Wooden crafts to hide things in moderation, cabinet inside the store items, not more than frame, if often hard squeeze hard, cause deformation of cupboard door. Wooden crafts mahogany board face is generally brittle, such as table, chair. Often should pay attention to prevent injury touch to crack, if is in use or move, find ZhaoLiChu appear to take off the tenon, must to glue sealing before using. Kind of wooden crafts panel, in order to protect the paint film scratches, and to display the wood texture, usually placed on mesa plate glass, and glass in with a little sucker pad between woodiness mesa. Suggest not to use transparent polyethylene crystal plate. A long wooden crafts generally use s, so at ordinary times to protect the furniture surface coating, often best every three months, with a little brush a wax, increase furniture not only beautiful, but also protect the wood. To maintain a clean and tidy wooden crafts, daily can use clean cloth to wipe dust. The unfavorable use chemical brightener in order to avoid damage in paint film is tacky. In order to keep the brightness of furniture paint film, can crush walnuts, peeling, polishing with three layers of gauze to oil again. Avoid alcohol, such as banana oil solvent spilled. Otherwise it will make furniture surface long & quot; Scar & quot; 。 When you meet the furniture surface dirt should be washed with mild soap water, drying, after waxing again, to restore to their original state, but avoid by all means use gasoline, kerosene, turpentine oil, such as solvent liquid to wipe, otherwise it will wipe away the surface coating and paint sheen.
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