Wooden gift box design and spirit to have

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-26
Wooden gift box holiday is approaching, we will be visiting relatives and friends, and take a gift, send a beautiful blessing, this is our Chinese tradition. So said, & other; Wooden gift box & throughout; Part of that is quite important to us? A gift packaging good or bad, is equivalent to the faces of people. So, for the wooden gift boxes custom features all have? Below small make up to summarize: the green consumption view, let us in the design of wooden gift box, must be easy and decent, affordable, because as long as the wooden gift boxes can be people of seasonal gifts. But also from the traditional graphics & other; Shape & throughout; Applied to modern logo design, and wooden gift boxes designed logo, such not only can keep the spirit of traditional art, and with distinct characteristics of The Times, and also can fully express logo's ideas and personality.
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