【 Wooden gift box 】 Design is how to just calculate tall?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-15
Wooden gift box how to design and manufacture, can look let a person feel tall, and attract the attention of the user? This is each of the wooden box factory in the design of wooden gift box, is a problem, then we'll look at the wooden gift boxes needed to follow the principle of design, designed in accordance with the principle of these products will not be wrong. ( 1) Design combination of product characteristics, use commodity appearance elements as the aesthetic principles. ( 2) Designed to meet the market demand, to carry on the accurate market positioning, creating brand personality. ( 3) Design with light, thin, short, small; Remember to eliminate excessive packing, exaggerated and useless. ( 4) Designed to draw inspiration from the nature, using simulation technique for packaging appearance of design innovation. ( 5) Design fully consider environmental and ergonomic factors. Considering the practical and easy to use. ( 6) Design actively use new technology, new material for modern packaging design. Increased sense of innovation. ( 7) Vigorously develops the series wooden box shape, systematic design. Hangzhou heng tai packaging products co. , LTD. , dedicated high-quality goods packaging, so for very seriously, to design and manufacture of wooden gift box this you need to inquiry for more details, please continue to pay attention to our company.
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