Wooden gift box design needs to consider many factors

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-27
Wooden gift boxes in packaging industry, the status and wooden boxes, are very important. Its application, can better selling goods, this is mainly because in the design of the wooden gift box, next, packaged goods not only can prevent fire, also can let the consumer more clear understanding of the basic information of the products, sets up the enterprise image, so in the design of wooden gift box, you need to take note. 1, wooden gift box design needs to combine product characteristics, make full use of commodity form elements as an aesthetic principles. 2, design to meet the needs of the market, accurate market positioning, creation of brand personality. 3, design to & other; Light, thin, short, small & throughout; , as far as possible to eliminate the excessive packaging, packaging and useless. 4 wooden gift boxes to give full consideration to the environment, the design and ergonomics factors, considering the practical and easy to use 5, wooden gift box design needs to increase innovation, use new technology, new material for the confidence of above of modern packaging design is detailed described in the design of the wooden gift box, principles which need to be considered. Have what good advice, you may want to urinate.
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