Wooden gift box design needs to pay attention to what problem

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-14
Packing box, wooden gift box has the characteristics of convenient transportation and storage and receive, get the favour of people and welcome. Wooden gift box was expressed in terms of gifts for family and affection for the main purpose of a practical gift packaging, is a function of packaging of the extension of social needs. So wooden gift box design need to pay attention to what issues? Below small make up will make a brief introduction for you. 1, gift box, healthy environmental protection of the environmental protection is an old often talk about the problem, the product should be considered its health and environmental protection, especially for the high demand for products, gift box above the box design also to environmental factors into consideration, with small volume, light weight, easy to decompose and environmentally friendly materials. 2, gift box, gift box of the safety of the target group is a lot of children, to attach importance to its security problem. Child safety consciousness weak, strong curiosity, gift box in the process of design should pay attention to sharp in gift box, decoration, etc. , to avoid children injured, eating or driving, and so on and so forth. 3, personalized gift box of different gift box should be personalized design, according to its target groups gift box is not only reflects the characteristics and value of the gift, but also to the enterprise image packaging. In the design of wooden gift box, we need to put the image of gift box, characteristic, target groups, such as comprehensive consideration, not only to stand on their own point of view, more on the consumer's point of view, to attract consumers personalized design. 4, gift box of anti-counterfeiting we should not only strengthen the gift box of the visual effects, but also strengthen the packaging printing industry technology, these are able to strengthen security. The above content about wooden gift box design need to be aware of problems is introduced here, I believe you will have more understanding, need to pay attention to more careful when packing design, if you have any question, welcome to inquire. Small make up: liutingting
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