Wooden gift box design tea first consider what time is it?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-16
Very good tea wooden gift box packaging has the collection value, so it is to be able to maintain the quality of the tea leaves make it is not bad, and can show the tea taste to, so the designer to design this kind of wooden gift boxes, tea need many considerations. First, tea wooden gift box packaging design, the first thing to consider is the material and structure, choose appropriate packaging materials, directly affects the quality of the goods, it is also determined by the properties of this kind of special commodity in tea, so generally easy to choose structure, easy to open the tea packaging materials to do. Second, is the words on the wooden gift boxes, tea is also an important part of design, a packaging can do without any decoration, but not without words, just like the same person, he must have a name, tea packaging words must be concise, clear, fully embody the commodity attribute, difficult to use too intricate fonts and identify the words, too curt has pointed the font is not suitable for, strong commodity, tea is a traditional and nationality can properly use calligraphy to reflect the tea culture thick at the bottom of the musical sound, reflect the culture of the Chinese nation has a long history, that is good, but want to use and easy to understand, easy to read, easy to identify the font. After, is the tea packing design pattern design, to make the goods more visual, vivid and interesting, reflects the personalized; Furthermore tea wooden gift boxes on the appearance of color is adopted by the packaging design can attract customers, if the colour collocation is proper, make consumers see after a pleasant feeling, can attract the attention of consumers.
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