【 Wooden gift box 】 Don't let the fashion appear flaws

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-22
Mainly talks about the wooden gift box gluing process does the glue on the glue in the process of packaging products, such as wooden gift boxes, always easy to appear the following problems: after brushing glue quantity is too thick to pressing glue overflow, both affected the product is beautiful, but also prone to adhesion between the wooden packing box. If this situation happened, after brushing glue should be air buy 2 ~ 5 minutes, wait for after adhesive is a bit dry pressing again. Brush glue too thin, and the drying time is too long, and can lead to poor adhesion fastness, and sometimes there will be can't glue at all. Appear this kind of situation, should understand according to the directions to consult factory. Have no pressing or pressure is too small, will cause adhesive products after bounce off automatically, this kind of situation mainly for large stiffness of the product, so pressing at least half an hour, because there are a lot of adhesive is a contact type adhesive, so makes the glued surface bonding, in unit time, if the viscous force is less than at the beginning of elastic products, products will bounce off, so the general products are required to have 0. 5 hours of squeezing. Keywords: wooden gift box
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