【 Wooden gift box 】 Environmental protection, actually very simple

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-25
Our country is a formal state, every New Year's day is a holiday gift is not little, beautiful wooden gift boxes, wooden gift box can make more grade. Now wooden gift box not only pay attention to fashion beautiful Settings, also pay attention to environmental protection in China is an agricultural country, a year after the harvest of crops straw resource is very rich, such as straw, cotton, corn stover, bean stalk, sorghum stalk, ZhiMaGan, rice straw, and other various kinds of crops straw, etc. , as a raw material of successful development of green environmental protection packing of new products, not only can eliminate production of straw black smoke, to prevent air pollution, easy to degradation, favorable recovery; Agricultural cleaner production at the same time can also come out a new way of environmental protection, the development prospect is extremely broad. The development of packaging, from the early human development in order to protect the product easy to store and carry to the packaging art design. Packaging industry is experiencing a rapid development stage, has now established a considerable production scale and become an important part in the field of manufacturing in China. Now, along with the people environmental protection consciousness growing, all walks of life are stepping up research and development of all kinds of green environmental protection product. Green packaging is today and the future of the whole packaging industry should be the goal of the 21st century.
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