Wooden gift box industry how to continue to expand

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-18
Wooden gift box _ manufacturing wooden gift box industry leading continued to expand, off-season, mouth need to cut paper market, Beijing packaging companies widely reaction rate, slow delivery. This week in hebei and shandong regional type wood pulp mouth paper price rise in inheritance, of collecting the rest of the region record-keeping. Since last year four degrees, wood pulp price low, estimate broad inventory at more than six months of mouth will ZhanEn the leading enterprises in the paper. Favor to paper industry & other; Buying & throughout; Rating, according to the industry brand channel grasp ability, we passed suchas anti-democracy heng, vader domestic domestic enterprises. The real estate market & other; Price for quantity & throughout; Faith rose, the furniture industry. New lending in the first quarter of this year real estate was cut over the same period last year over 50%, but housing credit support larger efforts, at the same time in the high-end items in the market are early depreciation, estimate volume must be promoted, the furniture industry groups belief to return. Custom furniture industry because important people marry her face decoration, nature of customization suitable young people consumption level, the performance will be better than furniture industry group. Wooden gift box favor custom Sophia wardrobe industry alone has mark & other; Buying & throughout; Rating. Textile industry need rose slightly, ablation plasma melting tendency of opportunity is not yet in place, pulp related product price is down slightly, but trading volume is still generally. Tea wooden packing box cotton price stabilization, viscose staple fiber and cotton pulp price slightly callback, mean textile industry needs to rise in reaction, but group need still abundant. In view of ablation plasma subject investment opportunities hasn't arrived yet, let's to phase open city, the company will not be Lord. Wooden gift box _ manufacturing wooden gift box industry leading continued to expand, domestic demand consumables sales growth linked high, mean need to expand steadily in packaging industry relies on the Spring Festival, packaging industry of the mean household appliances, electronics, daily chemical products and food consumption in beverage industry sales growth is slowing, but is still in the history high, mean need not disorderly increase in packaging industry. After comprehensive consideration shares late, we passed suchas anti-democracy typically share star and hing packaging and yunghsin. Hangzhou heng tai packaging products co. , LTD. ( www。 中国- - - - - - hzht。 com) Give priority to with color printing and post processing is a joint-stock enterprises, mainly engaged in products of wooden box, wooden gift box, card books, such as series of products design and printing production.
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