Wooden gift box manufacturers analysis is an important part in modern packaging system

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-31
China is & other; Formal state & throughout; , not only splendid culture, but also the history of gift packaging is also very long. Lacquer is the ancient Chinese famous gift box & other widely occurred in the warring states period; Choose the wrong thing & throughout; Story, from the side reflects the degree of fine arts and crafts, and other Kaori to guangxi pepper, compose with bead jade, decorated with roses, wanted to jade & throughout; 。 In addition, our country is the first country to sericulture, brocade, silk clothing, in addition to do also used for packaging, the ancients often done tapestry of color decorative pattern & other; Kits & throughout; &ldquo仍然; JinHe & throughout; And this kind of packing in use today. As a result, you can get, since ancient times, the gift package will be graphics, text, aesthetic feeling, folk collection at an organic whole, through the market spread, is to trade through the transfer market regions, is a trade exchange and cultural exchanges. The content of the exchange of the culture make gift packaging and appearance on modelling is more and more rich and colorful, more manifests the present the different nature and meaning.
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