Wooden gift box manufacturers to take you to go to paper packaging

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-10
Discuss characteristics of paper packaging paper packaging is the packaging material consumption big, due to conveniently, low prices, green environmental protection, easy to printing, the packing of the products have been applied to various industries. Paper has the following several aspects: the advantages of a, good mechanical strength, excellent processing formability; B, the excellent performance of composite ( Processing of paper and cardboard variety, performance, such as corrugated box, corrugated board) C, printing adaptability, Easy to absorb ink, printing decoration and bonding processing, can adapt to all kinds of printing, reflect various artistic effect) ; D, good health, Paper high temperature process) , environmental protection, Wood pulp, can be natural degradation, no any pollution) ; E, qualitative light, low cost of transportation, With metal and glass has obvious advantages than) ; F, paper raw material widely, can be recycled paper container reuse, low prices. ( The paper can be recycled, pulp recycled) 。 Commonly used in the paper can be divided into: kraft paper, corrugated base paper and corrugated board paper, paper bag paper, white board paper, white cardboard, etc. The dosage of corrugated board paper and kraft paper, market of most of the wooden packing box and carton are without this paper. Straw and waste paper pulp appropriate proportion, add a small amount of long fiber pulp, or with rice and wheat straw was formed corrugated board corrugated base paper, and it has high burst strength, folding, smooth, high compressive strength, most used in the manufacture of corrugated carton, also can make carton directly. Keywords: wooden gift box
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