Wooden gift box manufacturers using the new technology of wooden gift box processing

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-14
Wooden gift box manufacturers use the new technology for processing Chinese New Year holiday gifts, wooden gift boxes we will choose to look more upscale gift, because cannot be opened to see, usually with the aid of appearances, so when this wooden gift box packing style will play a very important role. By presenting a gift to represent different forms of packaging. Wooden gift box manufacturers, according to the requirements of life, and different holidays to determine different wooden gift box processing technology, and then show us different wooden gift box manufacturers own strength. 1, the design of wooden gift box is not a simple matter, has the very big difference with ordinary advertisement design, the design is the premise of wooden gift box, according to the characteristics of the gifts are needed to design, at the same time to produce the sample of the wooden gift boxes, wooden gift boxes, of course, color variety is also very much, can for the user to choose from, this is our wooden gift box manufacturers test their strength the key. 2, gift box, cardboard is also different, generally choose cardboard as a wooden gift box packaging used as its decorated surface, adhesion to shape. 3, wooden gift boxes to printing processing, cannot make gift box is black spots on the outer packing, the phenomenon of color difference, this will affect the aesthetic. With schedule will surface treatment was carried out on the box, gift bag paper is usually to do surface treatment. 4, mounts steps is our wooden gift box manufacturers processing wooden gift box key, the printing process in this environment is very important. Need to use a knife mold to do, and then to add piping process, so as to show a beautiful wooden gift boxes. Then through small make up the above information to the behavior of the wooden gift box manufacturers processing wooden gift boxes, whether to have a more in-depth understanding of process. If you want to know more, you can contact us, we will be at your service 24 hours a day.
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