Wooden gift box manufacturers wooden gift boxes used in UV technology

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-16
Wooden gift box manufacturers wooden gift boxes used in UV technology some wooden gift boxes on the box type and material is very general, but he looks very high-grade, is this why? In fact, the biggest reason is in the process. Wooden gift box manufacturers below small make up analysis to everyone analysis of commonly used technology on the wooden gift boxes, for everyone to use less cost to make more upscale box. First commonly used process have hot stamping, convex, uv, these three processes is also present the most widely used in the wooden gift box production. The first two are relatively ordinary people also have to know, today is mainly about the uv process. Uv actually is to use a special ink, through the special processing methods should be fixed to the paper. Packing box above is the most commonly used uv uv light, is also a kind of transparent light ink, can make uv part has a light texture. Followed by a frosted uv, is a kind of ink feels rough. The two are very common, is also relatively simple. But there is a kind of reverse uv, is our common frosted effect, it is actually two kinds of medium mixed promising response results, but different with ordinary grinding uv again. Reverse uv that is two different nature of the uv light oil are mixed together, mainly for security also can have beautiful effect, in the cosmetics box and food packaging box is widely used. Look more frosted uv more beautiful, at the same time have the effect of the coarse. The above is our for wooden gift boxes on the analysis of the technology of uv wish I could help you.
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