Wooden gift box of the origins of what is a gift

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-23
Originated in ancient ritual activities, in worship, people in addition to using the standard action and pious attitude toward god said reverence and awe, also to have value, can reflect respect for god items ( The sacrifice: cattle, sheep) Dedicated to the gods. Maybe from then on, the meaning of the gift of began to have the material composition, ritual can take the form of objects, namely the gift. “ Gifts & throughout; The word is composed of two words. “ Gift & throughout; Mean, is the ceremony, etiquette and moral concepts such as filial piety. “ Product & throughout; Material things. It is worth noting that tell from the etymology, the han words hinted at present ( 礼物) Not only material gifts ( 存在) , it carries the cultural rules, Etiquette) And involves the ceremony. So rude thing in the world is just a items rather than a gift. Keywords: wooden gift box
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