【 Wooden gift box 】 Of the six kinds of design elements

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-24
Wooden gift boxes of gift culture in our country, there is still very important, because our country pays attention to the giving of gifts, as well as the human aspects of etiquette, so wooden gift boxes have those elements package? 1, wooden gift box packaging materials, packaging materials not only influence the choice of tin box packaging costs, but also affect the product market competitiveness. 2, packaging color, the color is in the packaging has the effects of stimulating sales constitute element, highlight the characteristics of commodity color combination, not only can strengthen brand attributes, and have a strong appeal to customers. 3, wooden gift box packaging shape, suitable for packing shape is good for storage and display, and conducive to product sales, therefore, the shape is the indispensable elements combination packing. 4, wooden gift box packaging design, design like the picture in advertising in the tin box packaging, its importance is self-evident, integral sex. 5, product labels, printed on the label are general content and packaging products, brand logo, the level of product quality, product manufacturers, production date and period, using the method. Six, or trademark, is the main components of wooden gift box packaging, should be in wooden gift box packaging has a prominent position on the whole. To sum up, the above six are all wooden gift boxes need to be aware of several elements in design.
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