Wooden gift box packaging and printing surface treatment

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-13
Wooden gift box packaging printing surface treatment in wooden gift box is very important in the process of production, with the development of color printing industry, color printing printing after surface treatment is more and more important in the packaging production in central China. Current color printing market competition, the success or failure depends largely on the packaging of goods, and the stand or fall of color printing products printing after surface treatment and decide the quality of the packaging material. Therefore, we can say that after the printing surface treatment is to improve the packing grade, important technical method to strengthen the commodity market competitive printing market. Wooden gift box manufacturers then talk about the simple wooden gift box packaging printing after surface treatment techniques, the commonly used color printing printing after surface treatment technology are as follows: 1. Pressure light: light is a modification for the printed after polishing process, also some directly to calender printing paper products directly. Pressure just because of printing glaze glossiness after natural flow leveling, drying is not too ideal, for some of the fine print should be pressure light processing equipment consumables. The equipment used is calender, many calender with glazing machine printing technology. 2. Other special processing technology: in recent years the emergence of many color printing printing printing after special processing, also develop faster printing tools. Common with surface coating ( Also known as spray glue) , surface grinding, Also known as sand, namely in color printing printing quality surface evenly sand grinding hemp point) , embossing embossing, tu (press, Concave) Or pressure form printing tools. Modification after all of these new color printing technology has been used in daily see more in central China on the package. Especially fine arts and crafts, wooden gift box packaging common materials.
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