Wooden gift box packaging, inspection method

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-13
Wooden gift box was expressed in terms of gifts for family and affection for the main purpose of practical gift packaging, and advocating green packaging, paper is undoubtedly the most appropriate choice, simple production and processing of packaging waste recovery rate is high. Wooden gift box packaging before put into use for its quality control is necessary, then wooden gift box packaging should be how to carry out quality inspection? Below small make up to introduce. 1, detection in the bright indoor visual appearance. 2, technological requirements inspection control process documents and materials, in the bright indoor visual or the use of measuring tools. 3, requirements of hygiene, inspection check suppliers hygiene license, the official test report and each batch of product certification. That is about wooden gift box packaging, inspection way. With the continuous development of society, in order to fit for work and life of fast rhythm, wooden gift box packing become our should supplies, in order to ensure the safety of wooden gift box packaging, check shall be carried out in accordance with the above points, can let you rest assured to use. Small make up: the ZRM
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