Wooden gift box packaging manufacturers improve wooden gift boxes production process

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-13
Wooden gift box packaging manufacturers improve wooden gift boxes production process is the purpose of the wooden gift boxes used in order to protect the goods from being damaged. In daily production design, wooden gift box packaging representations for commodity sales situation has certain influence, so many businesses start on wooden gift box packaging, design some beautiful individualizing wooden gift boxes to attract consumers. Wooden gift box packaging manufacturers improve wooden gift boxes production technology of 1, design, product, culture, and according to the requirements, etc. , the characteristics of design patterns. Then proofing, according to the drawings, to produce the samples. Exquisite gift box look beautiful, so the production version of the color also is multifarious, usually a gift box design not only has four basic colors and a few color, such as gold and silver for the color. 2, handmade bamboo basket packaging, pure original, novel design, durable, low carbon environmental protection, can be widely used Yu Guo, fungi, eggs, food, gases, agricultural and sideline products, such as packaging. 3, choose cardboard, general cardboard box board are cardboard or to do it. High-grade wine packing and gift packing box. How the thickness is 3 mm - 6 mm cardboard with artificial onlay outside decoration, adhesive to shape. 4, printing, gift box is only printing paper bag, pasting will not printing, dyeing, best for gift box is bottle, so the printing requirements process is very high, the most taboo color difference, ink, rotten version of these affect the shortcomings of aesthetic. 5, surface treatment, paper gift bag is usually to do surface treatment, common is too light, too dumb glue, UV, light oil, oil too dumb. 6, bei bei is important link in the printing process, to bei must die cutter must to do, if no beer, beer, beer constantly these will affect the subsequent processing. 7, piping, usually printed materials are framed before bei, but a gift box is mounted after beer first, one is afraid make flower bag paper, 2 it is to pay attention to the whole beautiful gift box, gift box pasting must be made by hand, it can reach a beautiful. For the production process, we are jinan heng with rich production experience, can provide you with a variety of forms to choose, and mostly use biodegradable environmental protection material. Also conform to the state advocates the principles of environmental production now. Our constant wooden gift box packaging printing factory welcome to demand cooperation.
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