Wooden gift box packaging should delicate color collocation is very important

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-25
Holiday gifts and mutual gifts between relatives and friends has become a communication link. Gift box is more and more delicate and beautiful, so the wooden gift boxes ribbons packaging technology and color requirements also has changed a lot, so, color have any influence on for gift packaging? First of all, fine workmanship, color again to diversity, usually a gift box design not only has four basic colors and a few color, such as gold and silver for the color. The color is very important, distinctive features bright color can give a person a kind of sweet feeling. If the color design too diverse, would weaken the grade of the gift in a certain form, will give consumers a feeling of undignified. Wooden gift box packaging method of color matching is the key, choose color ribbon, gold and silver belongs to the joker color; A few pairs of bowknot overlapping each other, with gold or silver the palm is beautiful. As for the ribbon to match the color of the wrapping paper, wooden gift box ribbons good use appeared on the paper color, can also choose fastens with color. Such as wrapping paper is purple, purple and blue ribbon available. Keywords: wooden gift box
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