Wooden gift box packaging step four ways

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-14
Wooden gift box is a kind of packing method, not only has the effect of packaging and to a certain extent, can show the to people's first impression of the gift. Then four of the most common way of wooden gift box packaging step is how to? 1, the wooden gift box packing paper cutting growth is around the box + 2 ~ 3 cm length, is the width of the box + 3 cm wide, with this up in the paper the central; 2, will be on the right side of the paper along the wooden gift box folding inward, and maintain the edge of the paper is located in the central box; 3, put on the left side of the paper folding inward; 4, with cellophane tape or double-sided tape to fix paper overlap; 5, on both sides of the paper folding into the inside the wooden gift boxes to the; 6, in sequence, fold the paper into a beautiful trapezoid; 7, up and down in the junction of origami gently marked; 8, keep mark parallel to the edge, fold the paper below; 9, with double-sided tape or with beautiful about joint fixed, then the other side, turn to positive, wooden gift box decorated with ribbons and flowers once completed; Wooden gift box packaging is undoubtedly in beautification products attract customers hope that the above is introduced with high influence to be of help.
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