【 Wooden gift box 】 Take you taste 'tall'

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-24
Good wooden gift boxes can reflect the taste of a product. Wooden gift box is like the naked of their clothing, is not a word well, & other; People throughout the tailor makes the man &; Actually, wooden packing box, that is the reason why but at the time of making the wooden packing box, we have the following is important to note that the small make up to make a brief introduction: now, before production, check the glue viscosity, this is the key problem, it is very important to the quality of the glue. , glue wants even, if is a factory making wooden gift boxes, such as scraping board or bubble machine, semi-automatic pressure can use these tools to do the carpet of processing, this will ensure that sufficient bonding glue two surfaces. Third, the drying time. Time shoulds not be too long, after drying can try to test whether paste strong tear paste, avoid to cause other loss. Well, about the wooden packing box we will first understand so much. I hope the above information is useful to you, thank you ~! Keywords: wooden gift box
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