【 Wooden gift box 】 What is the cause of the surface printing part will change color?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-27
In the era of the packaging, for the packaging of goods is in normal, but should use wooden gift boxes for packaging, so as to bring out a person's taste, as well as the value of the goods, but because of the long time of wooden gift box placed, surface printing part will change color, this is the reason why. Please see the following explanation below. It is understood that place for a long time do not use the wooden gift box, its surface printing part will change color for two reasons: oxidation and air temperature. Air temperature, sunshine ultraviolet ray can broken printing materials, printing products in the sun for a long time, the color becomes shallow, so save the way is not to be direct sunlight. And in view of the oxidation reaction, printing ink, printing ink has a lot of desiccant, inside, such as additives dry cannot be oxidized. According to the object of printing the substrates, the type of printing plates, printing method and dry method, etc. So, the surface of wooden gift box printing part will change color, one reason is that printing ink wasn't up to par.
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