Wooden gift box which aspects should be considered in design and production

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-18
Wooden gift box, like gift clothes, can give a person the sense is not the same, as the saying goes good clothes make the man, the exquisite gifts also needs a suitable gift wooden packing box to foil. And people in the gift shop, outside the wooden packing box and gift of their bright spots. Then the gift packaging design and production of wood which aspects should be considered? Let's take a look at hangzhou heng tai packaging products co. , LTD is introduced. 1, wooden gift boxes should be safety practical any products should be safe in the first place. When exquisite gift packaging design, shall, according to the properties of the gift packaging to consider the storage, transportation, sales, carrying and use of safety and the practical problems. Gift packaging may need different packaging materials, this need according to the packing materials and gifts to determine the properties of the double aspect, special gift also notice moistureproof, shockproof, prevent the problems, such as pressure, leakage protection to ensure that the gifts under any circumstances is in good condition. 2. Gift box packaging should be humanized excellent gift gift packaging design must adapt to the storage, transportation, sales and consumers to carry and open. Therefore, in the wooden gift box design must make the reasonable proportion of box type structure, rigorous structure, modeling beautiful, highlight box type of form and the material beauty, contrast and coordination, rhythm and cadence, wooden gift box type structure to achieve the function is all ready, elegant appearance, so as to adapt to the production, sale and use. Common wooden gift box structure are portable bag, hanging, open, open a window type, enclosed or combinations of several forms, etc. 3. Wooden gift boxes production wooden gift box of the design aspects into consideration and can put into production, the production also need to consider the design can realize accurate, rapid and mass production, costs, etc. , can be conducive to the workers quickly and accurately machining, forming, filling and sealing and problems, considering the omni-directional. 4. Wooden gift box should have the promotion function wooden gift box can play a role for a gift promotion. Wooden gift box should be able to attract the line of sight of the consumers and to stimulate the purchase desire, but should also fully displaying their gifts, reduce consumer suspicion of inner gifts, use transparent skylight wooden packing box is a good choice, which can meet all kinds of consumer psychological needs. 5. Green environmental protection free from contamination is a problem that every product must consider, wooden gift boxes in consideration of the beautiful and practical at the same time, also should take into account the environmental problems. Only does not damage people's health, do not pollute the environment of wooden gift boxes to become consumers with the final choice. 6. With artistic recommended reading '' 'paper wooden packing box above the making craft of demand is the small make up of wooden gift box which aspects should be considered in the design and production are introduced in detail, wooden gift box in the design, we need to consider many factors when only the fine decoration of the wooden packing box can increase customer purchase desire, hope that the introduction of small make up are helpful to you.
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