【 Wooden gift box 】 Why does a glue phenomenon?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-27
Wooden gift box is now more and more delicate and beautiful, wooden gift box packaging technology and color requirements, also had the very big change, wooden gift box is not a one-time molding, use glue to paste it so hard to avoid, but does the wooden gift boxes glue is often inevitable, then have a wooden gift box manufacturers in hangzhou has carried on the detailed summary: 1, the adhesive viscosity is not enough or insufficient amount of glue; 2 and wooden gift boxes, adhesives materials don't match; 3, wooden gift boxes of sticky mouth part after laminating, glazing and other surface processing, adhesive through hard surface, infiltration of paper, paper box with tape; Insufficient pressure after 4 gelatinize, folding, pressure time is not long enough, is not conducive to paste the strong according to above caused by adhesive not firm problem, manufacturers should choose and wooden gift box materials that meet the needs of adhesive, wooden gift box does the glue reason is various, and choose good adhesive glue agent is also very important. Need to customize wooden gift boxes of friends, welcome to come to consult the choose and buy.
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