Wooden gift boxes - — A wide variety, is good

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-24
We usually like to buy gifts, but do you know how many of wooden gift box? How many kinds do you know it? Let below small make up take you to meet all kinds of wooden gift box! ! ! ! 1, paper products, now on the market to see more of paper wooden gift box packaging, the material cost is relatively low, and has the characteristics of easily degradable, environmental characteristics, is an ideal material. 2, plastic products, some things have certain water-soluble, use paper wooden packing box can be soaked, so the plastic packaging. 3, metal products, as a wooden gift box, can say is to reveal the characteristics of the tall, can bring people a kind of metal texture, also be more gift packaging materials. 4, bamboo products, this kind of material to give people a feeling of natural simplicity, but the general cost is quite high. 5, glass products, glass bring us a feeling of glittering and translucent get rid of, can reflect a kind of special aesthetic feeling, but it belongs to the fragile, and the cost is too high, not suitable for promotion. In general, wooden gift box packaging materials are many, but stand on the point of view of energy conservation and environmental protection, paper products are a little bit better?
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