Wooden gift boxes custom need to satisfy the following steps

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-16
Wooden gift box, in the packaging industry has always been more popular a kind of, the user can according to the requirements, and is a wooden box product image design is an important part of the larger percentage, therefore to wooden gift box customization, you will need to satisfy the following steps. 1, design: according to the characteristics of the product and customer requirements, etc. , design a wooden gift box customized design; And then according to drawings to produce samples. 2, choose the cardboard: general wooden gift box cardboard custom cardboard are cardboard or to do it. Wine packing and gift packing box with a thickness of 3 mm - 6 mm cardboard with artificial onlay outside decoration and adhesive to shape. 3, printing: because the outer wooden gift box packaging, so the wooden gift boxes custom has a high requirement on the printing process, very taboo color difference of the wooden packing box. Good gift wooden boxes custom can make product design requirements and standards, these products need to customize the user, can consult our hangzhou wooden box manufacturers.
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